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FJF Garden’s Life Lessons

No, it’s not a blog about gardening, but FJF Garden does offer some lessons for your life in the form of feature articles and posts that might be useful in everyday matters. And, trust me when I tell you that what was an “everyday matter” 40 years ago is peanuts compared to what we are looking at today (due to the increased complexities of the world and the instantaneous nature of news hitting the airwaves these days).

Whether we are talking about finance and your personal credit score, why you may have been turned down for a loan you felt you really deserved (spoiler alert: It’s complicated. Turns out banks look at things in more complicated ways than we might have thought.), or even why you should be watching what you eat, or why you should exercise more – and any other topic – we want to be a resource for you.

While the world may feel like it’s spinning faster than ever before (it’s not, really), remember the many good things that are now available to you to research versus 40 years ago (when you’d have to haul yourself over to the library to hopefully find a book that contains the info you’re looking for).

We’ve got some good stuff coming your way! So stay with us!